Ted McLyman: Enhancing Financial Security Post-Pandemic | Self-improvement Atlas #1

In this episode of Self-improvement Atlas: The Personal Science Insights Podcast, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Ted McLyman — a Behavioral Finance expert who shares expert knowledge about enhancing financial security post-pandemic.

Ted McLyman

If you’re someone who has had a rocky relationship with money, today’s podcast is worth a watch. This episode will go into the real definition of financial security. And it has nothing to do with external factors, but more with internal beliefs and values.

Meet Ted McLyman

Ted McLyman is the author of the award-winning books, Money Makes Me Crazy and Discover Your Money Temperament

He is also a creator of the industry-renowned Money Temperament Radar: Quick Scan Assessment. 

Ted’s unique One Size Fits One Approach empowers financial advisors, insurance agents, and service professionals to make money personal, giving them tools to build meaningful, individually-tailored client relationships.

Aside from being an author, he is also a speaker, behavioral financial consultant, and trainer at TedMcLyman.com. He is also the founder and business owner of Appexx Behavioral Financial Wellness and Pathfinder Coaches Academy, director of Behavioral Finance, and advisory board member at DreamSmart Academy.

About the episode

The episode started with Ted defining and stating the common challenges of personal development. He also had an insightful explanation on how security being equated to wealth is actually a misnomer.  Ted also discussed the practices and mechanisms behind the money behavior system, a model that Ted developed himself after committing so many mistakes in money management. He also gave us a peek into the One Size Fits One Approach and how that applies in real life.

In conclusion

According to Ted, “financial security is nothing but peace of mind in your chosen lifestyle.” A good strategy on achieving so-called security is to start by benchmarking yourself and accepting who you really are — what’s your money temperament and how are you naturally wired with money? Also remember that where you spend your time and put your money codifies your values.

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