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At Insights, we take the Institute for Life Management Science’s cutting-edge research and translate it into articles, quizzes, and podcasts that can help you lead a more compassionate and intentional life. Whether you want to learn how to deal with stress, build stronger relationships, or make a difference in your community, we have the latest evidence-based advice to help you.

Insights magazine is a publication of Life Management Science Labs (LMSL) — a pioneer in life management science innovation. LMSL’s network of labs is rooted in science, art, and technology, and powered by a mission to enable good lives for people of all ages. We believe that by marrying science and practice, we can make a difference in the world and help create a better future for everyone.

The LMSL labs are as follows:

  • Personal Science Labs
  • Relationships Science Labs
  • Parenting Science Labs
  • Family Science Labs
  • Personal Productivity Science Labs
  • Personal Resilience Science Labs
  • Household Management Science Labs
  • Home Organization Science Labs
  • Happiness Science Labs
  • Wellbeing Science Labs

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