Kit Kline: Nature-based Therapy | Doing Well #3

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Kit Kline, the founder of Nature Based Therapy.

Did you know that nature-based therapy is associated with several benefits? Through this podcast episode with Kit Kline, you will learn how nature-based therapy can help you reconnect with your surroundings and, most importantly, yourself.

Meet Kit Kline

Kit, the founder of Nature Based Therapy, was born in Canada and moved to Australia when she was 10. She is a decedent of the Wampanoag people on her paternal side and a member of the Sou’West Nova Metis Council.

She has always felt a strong connection to her Native American ancestry and believes her philosophy on health and wellness derives from this connection. Also, she has 17 years of experience working as a Counsellor and Educator in the social and community services sector with both public and private health services specializing in mental health and addictions. 

Kit is currently completing a Master’s in Social Work, has successfully completed a Master of Indigenous Studies, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies. Her post-graduate studies include Diplomas in Welfare studies, Alcohol and other Drugs, Holistic Healing, and Certificate IV in both Training & Assessment and Youth Work.

About the episode

The episode started by getting to know more about Kit as she shared some information, such as her favorite book. Then the conversation went deep when she explained what nature-based therapy is. According to her, it’s about finding your authentic self in an unauthentic world. And that a lot of nature-based therapy involves going back to roots, ancestry, and reconnecting not just with nature and the natural world but also with ourselves.

Kit also mentioned that a framework for nature-based therapy comes from indigenous worldviews. The main thing to take away from indigenous worldviews is that humans are not separate from the natural world. It’s about creating respect for one’s self but also respect for nature, like rocks, water, or even the sun because humans cannot survive without nature.

Kit said that the problem today is that it’s not the person who’s mentally unwell but the society — mentally, physically, and spiritually.

In conclusion

Kit underlined toward the end of the episode that one shouldn’t put responsibility on others. You should educate yourself and take charge of your own health. Through small changes you can make in your everyday lives, you become more responsible for your health.


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