Kathryn Goetzke: Ways to Have a Hopeful Mindset No Matter What Life Brings | Sero Boost #14

Join our host Lu Ngo as she chats with the brilliant Kathryn Goetzke, MBA, author of 'The Biggest Little Book About Hope, and host of 'The Hope Matrix' podcast.

At some point in our lives, many of us may experience feelings of hopelessness. However, it is important to maintain a hopeful mindset and face any challenges that come our way with positivity and determination.

Meet Kathryn Goetzke

Kathryn Goetzke is a social entrepreneur and Chief Mood Officer known for her impactful initiatives such as Hopeful Minds, Hopeful Cities, and Hopeful Mindsets. 

Goetzke is also an accomplished author, having written The Biggest Little Book About Hope, and is the podcast host of The Hope Matrix.

Kathryn is dedicated to spreading hope and preventing suicide by empowering individuals to find strength and purpose.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Lu Ngo, Kathryn opens up about her struggles with mental health and the effect of losing her father to suicide.

Kathryn explored the upstairs and downstairs brain, where stress and happiness reside. 

She emphasized the value of self-compassion, forgiveness, and taking small steps toward achieving goals. Kathryn stressed teaching hope to young people and communities. She shared tips on developing a positive mindset, overcoming hopelessness, and promoting empowerment.

In conclusion

Being present, kind, and hopeful is important to live a fulfilling life. One way to achieve this is by setting achievable goals, building a support system, and practicing happiness habits. Remember, happiness is within reach when you make it a daily practice.

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