Jocelyn Brewer: Fostering Digital Well-being in a Tech-Saturated World | Doing Well #4

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Jocelyn Brewer, a Sydney-based psychologist with expertise in cyberpsychology.

As the world faced COVID-19, employers and employees had to make several adjustments to cope. Organizations switching to the work-from-home setup. But this came with some disadvantages to individual’s social and work lives. In this episode, Jocelyn Brewer will guide you on how to improve your digital health and well-being.

Meet Jocelyn Brewer

Jocelyn is a Sydney-based psychologist and teacher with expertise in cyberpsychology, digital well-being, and mental health. Through her work with individuals and organizations, she answers the question: How do we stay human in a digital age? 

As the founder of Digital Nutrition, she has created a positive and practical framework for addressing digital well-being and helping humans of all ages conquer their love-hate relationship with technology. Also, Jocelyn is adept at discussing the impact of technology and empowering audiences on how to improve their digital well-being. She has been featured in Q&A on ABC TV, The Project and Studio 10 on Channel 10, The Today Show on Channel 9, ABC Radio 702, Sydney, TedX, and many more!

About the episode

In this episode, Jocelyn shared that digital well-being is all about health and well-being in encountering digital phenomena. It covers a broad spectrum of relationships, engagement, breaching potential, and the ability to set future goals. Examining all the scopes and how you interact with technology could help you navigate and manage yourself in a digital world.

Also, Jocelyn emphasized that there are misconceptions in terms of well-being related to self-care. Many people think that self-care is like going to get a mani-pedi or getting a massage. It can be an individual thing but often, it’s about discomfort, not comfort.

She added that self-care might be setting boundaries with family members who trigger stuff for you or going to therapy. But the problem with self-care and some of this ‘wellness’ stuff is that it places the burden on women, especially, to take control of their wellness rather than fix structural issues.

In conclusion

Working from home can come with disadvantages, especially in terms of digital connectivity, but there are ways and practices you can take to care for your well-being. Prioritize building healthy habits around digital presence and put the focus back on systemic change.


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