Elizabeth Varga: How Genetics Affect Personality? | Self-improvement Atlas #15

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Elizabeth Varga, MS, CGC, a licensed genetic counselor and the Director of Clinical Genomics Research and Development at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Have you ever pondered on how a personality takes shape? It turns out that genetics may have a role in shaping who an individual becomes.

Meet Elizabeth Varga

Elizabeth Varga is a licensed genetic counselor with pediatric blood, cancer genetics, and psychology expertise. She is the Director of Clinical Genomics at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the founder of Your Genius Coaching, LLC. Elizabeth was on the Board of Directors for the National Society of Genetic Counselors and helped found the National Blood Clot Alliance.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Aditi Kutty, Elizabeth Varga covers the definition of genes and their role in personal development. Elizabeth discussed advances in genetic testing and epigenetics, addressing concerns and limitations. Additionally, Elizabeth highlighted running’s positive impact on well-being and stressed the importance of exercise and a healthy diet. She also emphasized the importance of comprehending cognitive wiring in personalized coaching.

In conclusion

Personal development is greatly influenced by genes and their impact on personality traits. Thanks to genetic testing and epigenetics advances, new insights into this interplay have been gained, but there are also limitations and concerns to be aware of. The complex relationship between genetics and environmental factors helps to shape personality, and there are exciting predictions for the future of genetic information and personalized coaching.

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