Dr. Sandeep Atre: Social Intelligence in the Digital Age | Doing Well #12

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Dr. Sandeep Atre, a counseling psychologist and emotional & social intelligence expert.

In this digital age, our screens have become the forefront of our social interactions. However, it’s crucial to remember the value of genuine human connection and prioritize active engagement.

Meet Dr. Sandeep Atre

Dr. Sandeep Atre is a counseling psychologist and social and emotional intelligence expert with over two decades of experience. He helps individuals understand and navigate social interactions, providing practical insights and strategies.

Dr. Sandeep Atre writes books on emotional and social intelligence, like “Understanding Emotions Logically” and “Observing Nonverbal Behavior.”  He also offers an e-learning course rooted in neuroscience and psychology called Socialigence.

Dr. Sandeep has trained professionals from over 50 companies and thousands of individuals, helping them enhance their social and emotional intelligence skills for personal and professional growth.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Lu Ngo, Dr. Sandeep Atre delves into social intelligence in the digital age, shedding light on its crucial role in navigating social situations effectively. 

Dr. Sandeep explained the three main components of social intelligence and stressed the importance of maintaining well-being and meaningful connections in the virtual world.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Sandeep provided practical insights on developing and improving social intelligence in the digital age. 

Lastly, Dr. Sandeep discussed well-being misconceptions and social and emotional intelligence differences. He also shared valuable tips and recommendations.

In conclusion

Social intelligence is important, especially in today’s virtual world. And to master it, pay attention to cues like facial expressions and gestures and approach interactions with curiosity and emotional openness. Growing your skills in this area can help you build meaningful connections and succeed in a digital world.

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