Courtney Wennerstrom, Ph.D., ABD: Strengthening the Human-Animal Bond | Doing Well #23

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by special guest Courtney Wennerstrom, Ph.D., ABD. A passionate animal welfare professional, writer, and content creator

Did you know that the bond between humans and animals can profoundly impact individual well-being? Having pets has countless benefits, from increased empathy to a sense of connection with the natural world.

Meet Courtney Wennerstrom

Courtney Wennerstrom, Ph.D., ABD, is a dedicated writer, content creator, and animal welfare professional with a profound interest in the human-animal bond.

Courtney has collaborated with renowned organizations such as Michelson Found Animals and the Humane Society of the United States, dedicating her efforts to reuniting pets with their families and offering veterinary care in underserved areas. 

Courtney is also the host of a podcast about the human-animal bond and is currently working on a podcast about pet loss. 

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Lu Ngo, Courtney Wennerstrom, Ph.D., ABD, discussed the importance of overcoming shame and prioritizing well-being. Shifting focus, Courtney highlighted the surprising yet powerful bond between humans and animals, particularly during the pandemic.

Courtney explained how interacting with pets activates the same brain regions involved in parenting, elucidating how pets can affect human well-being. Additionally, Courtney spotlighted the need for greater empathy and connection with animals, suggesting humans try to understand animal perspectives to enhance planetary and human well-being.

In conclusion

Human psychological needs are just as important as physical ones, and that’s where the human-animal bond comes in. Pets offer so much more than just companionship – they can mirror one’s inner world and offer individuals a fresh perspective on their experiences. This invites people to view animals as companions and reflections of their lives.

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