Best Practices on Improving Your Mental Health

Mental health has become an essential aspect of overall human well-being and plays a crucial role in determining people’s quality of life.  According to WHO’s (2022) global review report on mental health, nearly a billion people, including 14% of the world’s adolescents,

Myths and Misconceptions in Physical Health

You might have heard of some physical health misconceptions at least once. For instance, you may be familiar with the five-second rule, an X-ray causing cancer, or tilting the head back during a nosebleed.  Many people believe these myths because they are

Daily Meditations for Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are two terms that today’s society uses interchangeably. These two psychological issues are common, from acute to chronic, specific and unique to each person’s condition and capacity. But there is a fine line that separates stress and anxiety.  According

Low-Maintenance Friendship is Not a Myth

When you were a child and freshly entered school, you may remember how great it was to make friends. During that time, meeting new friends and hanging out with them almost every day was like a daily routine — your ride-or-die in

The Perks of Having a Balanced Diet

Have you ever heard that to be healthy, we need to stop eating certain foods? Or maybe allot time reading nutrition labels and start avoiding delicious meals? We live in a world surrounded by food restrictions, and it often makes us feel

Foods That Keep Your Brain Healthy

The human brain is one of the body’s most vital organs and is the central unit that controls everything. The brain controls each body-regulating process, including thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger, and every type of bodily function.

Can Physical Exercise Strengthen Your Brain?

You may have heard that physical exercise boosts body mobility, strengthens muscles, enhances longevity, and even makes someone happier. If you somehow committed to physical exercise before, you might experience these benefits. But can physical activities help you when brain fog comes?