Amy Dirks: Mental Health & How Nutrition Can Affect It | Self-improvement Atlas #2

In this episode of Self-improvement Atlas: The Personal Science Insights Podcast, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Amy Dirks, an experienced Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with a demonstrated history of working in wellness and the sports industry.

Did you know that anxiety, depression, trouble focusing, brain fog, and other mental health issues have a connection with lifestyle, most especially nutrition? Now you know. This episode will explore the systemic connection between what you eat and how your brain functions.

Meet Amy Dirks

Amy Dirks is an experienced registered dietitian-nutritionist with a demonstrated history of working in wellness and the sports industry. She is skilled in Nutrition Education, Wellness Coaching, Sports Nutrition, Integrative & Functional Nutrition, and Health Promotion. Amy is skilled in educating clients and athletes in functional nutrition and how it can impact their lives and performance. She drives results through clear communication and expectations utilizing social and emotional intelligence. With her experiences and knowledges in Dietetics, Nutrition, and Exercise, she has helped many people adjust and manage their lifestyles to find the right nutrition, physical activity, and overall wellbeing to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind.

About the episode

The episode started with Amy defining personal development and the challenges that come with it. She also went on to talk about how nutrition can affect efforts in personal development. Amy also listed out food that are good for mental health and the brain, and the list starts with vegetables — earth’s medicine. A discussion on meal plans ensued where Amy emphasized the importance of quality over calorie. Take special attention to the part where Amy talked about food that you should cut out immediately as some of the food she mentioned seem to be harmless but actually can result to health issues such as allergies, leaky gut syndrome, and more.

In conclusion

When you improve nutrition, everything else falls into place — better sleep, improved mental health, and more. One quick, easy change you can make is add probiotics. However, not all probiotics are made equal. Different probiotics have different bacteria strains so you should switch around to ensure a variety of good bacteria in your gut. Also, cooking at home is underrated, but it’s one way to ensure you are eating whole, nutritious food.

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