Aditi Kutty: Self-esteem: How self-love culture affects self-esteem | Bouncing Back #16

Join Tia and her colleague Aditi Kutty, podcast host of Self-improvement Atlas: The Personal Science Insights Podcast and Reloscope: The Relationship Science Insights Podcast, as they explore the science of self-esteem.

Did you know that healthy self-esteem significantly impacts how you view yourself and your self-image? It’s a proven fact – and developing a strong sense of self-love is crucial in achieving it.

Meet Aditi Kutty

Aditi Kutty is the host of “Self-Improvement Atlas” and “Reloscope” podcasts. She is currently taking a course in screen production and journalism.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Tia Harmer, Aditi Kutty discusses the connection between self-esteem and personal resilience.

Aditi explained how self-esteem differs from self-confidence, unlocking the keys to fostering a healthier sense of self-worth. 

Aditi shed light on the impact of the prevalent self-love culture on self-esteem, addressing its positive aspects and potential challenges.

Additionally, Aditi emphasized journaling as a tool for personal growth, discussing its challenges and benefits. She also explored how therapy and self-awareness can improve self-esteem.

In conclusion

Let’s embrace self-discovery, celebrate uniqueness, and nurture unyielding self-esteem. With the insights shared in this episode, you hold the key to unlocking your own potential and building resilience. Walk tall, stand firm, and let your self-esteem shine brightly!

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