Ushta Davar Canteenwalla, MS, LCGC: Genetic Testing & Personal Genomics | Self-improvement Atlas #16

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Ushtavaity Davar Canteenwalla, the founder of FiND Genetics telemedicine consulting practice and a board-certified, licensed genetic counselor with extensive experience in clinical genetics

Are you curious about genetic testing and its accuracy? This episode offers you alternative ways to explore personality traits beyond genetic testing. Join Aditi Kutty and Ushtavaity Davar Canteenwalla as they explore genetic testing, spreading valuable information about genetic health and how to make well-informed decisions about it.

Meet Ushtavaity Davar Canteenwalla

Ushtavaity Davar Canteenwalla is an expert, board-certified genetic counselor who empowers people to understand their genetic health. In 2018, she founded FiND Genetics, an independent telemedicine genetics consulting practice, to provide easy access to genetics support and information for everyone.

She is also an expert in providing reproductive, adult, and general genetic counseling, consulting with healthcare providers and companies, conducting community genetics education, and mentoring others in the field.

Her diverse background in prenatal, pediatric, and cardiac genetics allowed her to lead a nationwide genetic counseling team at a reproductive genetic testing lab and manage a collaborative care fetal diagnostic center at Columbia University Medical Center.

About the episode

In this episode of Self-improvement Atlas, Ushta explains how genetic counseling allows people to reach conclusions based on their personal circumstances and preferences. Ushta also discusses personal genomics, genetic testing, and personality traits, offering a comprehensive understanding of a person’s genetic makeup.

Ushta explains that personal genomics is directly related to personal development, given how genetic information can be used to impact an individual’s health. However, she highlights that this relevance varies depending on what is meaningful for the person seeking genetic testing. 

According to Ushta, lifestyle, diet, and exercise highly impact the manifestation of some genetic conditions, emphasizing the importance of understanding gene-environment interactions. She assures that personal genomics allows people to make proactive choices to manage risks and improve overall well-being.

She also mentions the proactive health screen approach, whose broad panel of genetic conditions offers more control over health by allowing people to identify potential risks and take the necessary measures. 

Towards the end of the episode, she encourages people to practice gratitude and mindfulness personally and professionally by envisioning and asking themselves how they can best help the person they’re interacting with. She emphasizes how this practice allows people to navigate challenging situations more efficiently and positively.

In conclusion

This episode explores how genetic counseling and personal genomics play significant roles in understanding genetic health risks and making informed decisions about well-being based on personal circumstances and preferences. It introduces personal genomics as a means of empowering people to take control of their health, lifestyle choices, and family planning decisions. It also sheds light on the importance of mindfulness and gratitude for making the journey of understanding genes more meaningful and fulfilling.

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