Tia Harmer: The Relationship Between Engagement and Wellbeing | Doing Well #17

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Tia-Jemma Harmer, a reputable expert on personal productivity and resilience, who hosts two popular podcasts, Work in Progress and Bouncing Back

Have you wondered how to make your personal and professional lives more enriching? Do you find your level of engagement in life affecting your well-being?

Join Lu Ngo and Tia-Jemma Harmer as they explore the relationship between engagement and well-being, sharing valuable insights, strategies, and advice about improving productivity, boosting happiness, and feeling more involved in life.

Meet Tia-Jemma Harmer

Born and raised in Australia, Tia Harmer is a journalism graduate with a passion for writing and chatting with people. Having lived and worked in many different cities, she worked as a radio host, and even a paralegal, and she is currently completing her law degree in Melbourne.

As a podcast host, Harmer loves engaging with those who have a passion for human rights, and she is always interested in how people can make the world a better place. She also likes painting or writing for her university newspaper. 

About the episode

In this episode of Doing Well, Tia-Jemma Harmer highlights the holistic nature of well-being that goes beyond just physical and mental health. She sheds light on some common misconceptions about well-being. Tia also states that understanding engagement and how it applies to different aspects of life may be tricky.

Tia moves on to discuss the idea of burnout, emphasizing how disengagement can manifest in different situations. She highlights true engagement requires genuine interest and energy, whether in academic, professional, or daily life. Tia draws a comparison between engagement and flow, explaining that engagement has an additional element of awareness. 

Tia highlights that self-organization and staying mindful are essential for maintaining engagement in various aspects of life. She states that full engagement in every aspect of life fosters personal growth and positive life changes, which makes it a complex topic worth exploring further. Tia also tackles the setbacks that can be caused by disengagement and absent-mindedness.

According to Tia, despite its potential liability to cause disengagement, technology can still be used to foster engagement. Towards the end of the episode, she explains that avoiding checking social media in the morning helps people get in touch with their personal emotions and thoughts and start the day on a better note without external influences.

In conclusion

This episode explores the holistic nature of well-being beyond physical and mental health. It also sheds light on engagement, its importance for being more satisfied in life, and the challenges of staying engaged in a world of technology.  It offers personal experiences and practical tips for mindful use of technology.

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