Teresa Kleeman: Bathroom Design and Organization | Room by Room #2

In this episode of Room by Room: The Home Organisation Science Insights Podcast, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Fully Qualified Residential Interior Designer, Teresa Kleeman from Embracing Space.

When it comes to organizing the bathroom, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? What are some rules you need to know in order to prepare the right bathroom design and organization? This episode has the answers.

Meet Teresa Kleeman

Teresa Kleeman is the founder and interior designer of Embracing Space. She specializes in kitchen and  bathroom spaces. With over 15 years in the design industry, she brings her knowledge and design flair to all aspects of residential design.

About the episode

The episode started with Teresa establishing the importance of home organization and how it impacts daily functioning. She then goes into the questions she asks clients so she can tailor a renovation design for them. Teresa also explored some of the common design mistakes that people make, some of which are unintentional. She also has some helpful tips for renters and those with small bathrooms. And if you want to know about grout and mold, Teresa has some handy advice about those too, one clue: squeegees!

In conclusion

Underfloor heating is one of the most underrated design features that a bathroom can have. Also, storage should be a top priority when designing the bathroom. And if the heating panel can be placed in a cabinet, that would be a lot better than leaving the panel hanging on the wall. If you want a small space to look wider, “light and bright” is the strategy. Also, if many people are using a bathroom, it’s important to create a section for everyone.

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