Stefan Zavalin: Adopting Active Work Habits to Overcome Sedentary Lifestyles | Bouncing Back #6

In this episode, host Tia Harmer is joined by Dr. Stefan Zavalin, a movement mentor who mentors organizations on adapting company culture to improve productivity and health

How much time do you spend a day sitting in front of your computer or watching television? Is it less than 7 hours, or is it even more? The more time you spend sitting at work or home, the more likely you will be used to sedentary lifestyles. 

Meet Stefan Zavalin

Dr. Stefan Zavalin is a movement mentor driven to change desk work culture. Despite losing his vision in graduate school, he started a company called Love to Move, where he mentors organizations on adapting company culture to improve productivity and health. The dream is to evolve the current work model so people no longer have to choose between work and health. 

Also, he aims to make virtual services accessible to all to help this cultural shift. Since starting his mission, Stefan has written a book called Sit Less and given a TEDx Talks on the same subject. In his free time, he likes to write songs on piano and guitar, critique a good cup of coffee, and play board games with his wife and friends.

About the episode

In this podcast episode hosted by Tia Harmer, Stefan defined a sedentary lifestyle, also known as an inactive lifestyle, which can be understood as the absence of movement or not being physically active. 

For him, there are standpoints for a sedentary lifestyle: the first is the physical part of it, which is where the vast majority of people look at it, it’s this kind of absence of movement, or if you look up a lot of the definition, it’s being seated and not being active physically,  and then the second is the other side of the lifestyle, where life isn’t just physical movement, it’s a lifestyle, meaning that everything in your life is slower and not moving, but people don’t subscribe to that one quite as much. 

Stefan also shared that forming a good mindset is vital for staying motivated and helps you develop an active lifestyle. This enables you to know your priorities and stay focused. Be intentional about adding more movements when you want an active lifestyle.

In conclusion

Since your well-being needs to overcome a sedentary lifestyle, though it can be challenging to fit physical activity into your busy workday, there are ways you can develop. Getting some exercise is always better than getting none. Just be intentional, practice good habits, and have the right mindset.

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