Sleiman “Slayman” Abou-Hamdan: How Life Purpose Enhances Resilience | Bouncing Back #31

In this episode, host Joahanna Wickramaratne is joined by Sleiman “Slayman” Abou-Hamdan, who is a clinical psychologist, life coach, and the founder of the R3 Authentic Self-Mastery Framework

Feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from your true self due to personal struggles and societal pressures amidst adversity must be exhausting. Thus, Sleiman “Slayman” Abou-Hamdan, a clinical psychologist and life coach, will delve into the roots of this issue. This podcast will help you discover your sense of life purpose by exploring strategies to align your actions with your core values.

Meet Sleiman “Slayman” Abou-Hamdan

Sleiman “Slayman” Abou-Hamdan is a clinical psychologist, life coach, and the founder of the R3 Authentic Self-Mastery Framework. With a background in coaching, military service, and management consulting, Slayman has honed a unique expertise in fostering sustainable transformations.

His career is deeply rooted in personal experience. Having faced personal trauma and social disconnection, he embarked on a journey to understand human motivation and growth. This journey led him to a career and shaped his life’s purpose—to help individuals find answers and thrive in adversity.

Focusing on understanding the impact of social disconnection on mental health, Slayman offers professional support and emphasizes the importance of self-understanding and self-reflection. Through the R3 Authentic Self-Mastery Framework, he assists clients in developing the skills and capabilities necessary for sustainable personal growth. His program, “The Self-Mastery Proactive Recharge Program,” is a testament to his commitment to enhancing personal resilience and self-mastery skills.

In addition to his professional life, Slayman is also an avid reader. He recommends books such as Richard Schwartz’s No Bad Parts and Act Made Simple as valuable resources for those seeking personal growth and resilience.

About the episode

In this episode, Slayman opens with a thought-provoking reflection on the necessity of psychological flexibility and self-awareness. Drawing wisdom from Viktor Frankl, Slayman underscores the importance of choice in responding to life’s trials. His advice to you? Take things slowly, regulate your emotions, and engage in reflective practices for personal growth.

Moving on, Slayman examines the difference between reacting and consciously reacting, stressing the need for a mindful approach. He believes in slowing down to find meaning in adversity and provides practical techniques like meditation and empathy to guide you toward growth.

Throughout the episode, Slayman shares anecdotes of individuals who have discovered their purpose during coaching sessions. He highlights the subjectivity of adversity and emphasizes the importance of perspective and understanding the meaning behind life’s challenges.

Additionally, Slayman addresses common barriers to finding meaning in tough times, such as over-control, detachment, and approval-seeking. He encourages you to take an assessment to identify these barriers and offers resources for self-awareness and growth.

The episode wraps up with Slayman stressing the significance of aligning actions with personal values. He suggests meditation, journaling, and morning routines to enhance self-awareness and foster gratitude and visualization, which can lead to greater vitality and clarity in life.

In conclusion

The pressures of modern life and personal traumas can leave people feeling unmoored and unable to find a purpose or direction. By aligning actions with core values and committing to personal growth, you can navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience, ultimately finding a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment.

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