Riana Milne, LMHC: Relationship Trauma: Can I Rebuild Myself Again? | Bouncing Back #24

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Riana Milne, a highly qualified professional with extensive experience in the field of trauma recovery and mental health counseling

In this episode, Riana shares valuable insights and strategies to address the enduring effects of relationship trauma from childhood or adolescence. She offers practical tools and guidance for identifying signs, rebuilding oneself, and achieving healing and personal growth.

Meet Riana Milne

Riana Milne adopts a comprehensive, personalized coaching approach to assist individuals and couples of all ages in overcoming and healing from past childhood, dating, and relationship trauma.

Drawing from her extensive experience, she has worked as a SAC (Student Assistance Counselor) for grades K through College, supported traumatized children in the Psych Division of a significant Southern NJ hospital system, and provided guidance to women in the Prison System and adolescents in Rehab Facilities.

During the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, major news networks sought her expertise on healing trauma in children, families, and the nation.

About the episode

In this insightful episode of Bouncing Back, Riana Milne discusses the vitality of adopting a success-oriented mindset and cultivating personal resilience to overcome challenges and navigate adversity. She further discusses how healing childhood trauma is crucial for personal and professional growth.

According to Riana, trauma can manifest differently in people, leading to various psychological symptoms. Toxic relationships can further exacerbate these feelings of unwellness, causing individuals to feel stuck or trapped. Riana adds that childhood trauma encompasses both major traumatic events and repetitive emotional experiences that lack relief, shedding light on raising awareness on the top 10 traumas.

According to Riana, childhood trauma encompasses a diverse range of experiences. Riana foregrounds how childhood trauma affects all children and can have intergenerational effects that may extend to influence the expression of DNA.

During the episode, Riana discusses holistic approaches to address trauma and promote healing and transformation in individuals’ lives. She also emphasizes the importance of a solid foundation, flexibility, fidelity, friendship, and fun in healthy relationships. Moreover, Riana addresses the link between self-sabotaging behaviors and unhealed childhood trauma.

Riana concludes the episode by acknowledging personal resilience as the foundation for navigating challenges and cultivating confidence in relationships. She emphasizes the importance of making conscious choices and maintaining a positive mindset even during tough times, creating fulfilling connections, and attracting positive energy in dating and relationship experiences.

In conclusion

Embracing a success-oriented mindset and nurturing personal resilience is vital for navigating challenges and fostering meaningful relationships. Through holistic guidance, conscious awareness, and positive decision-making, people can heal from childhood trauma, break free from harmful patterns, and cultivate empowered communication. Therefore, building resilience and creating a confident and fulfilling life is essential.

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