Prof. Steven Kenway: Net Zero Water Cycle | On the House #19

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Professor Steven Kenway, an expert in water-energy nexus and urban metabolism management

Water is an essential human need that is often taken for granted and wasted unknowingly. So, taking measures to decrease water consumption is important.

Meet Prof. Steven Kenway

Prof. Steven Kenway is a 30-year water-energy nexus and urban metabolism management expert. He developed the Net Zero Water Cycle concept for sustainable water management.

Prof. Steven is a water leader with senior experience in research, industry, and government, developed through roles with The University of Queensland, CSIRO, Brisbane Water, Sydney Water, and private consulting. He has worked with urban water, wastewater, stormwater, and related energy and greenhouse gas issues since 1990.

His work addresses urban water security, water-energy nexus, and circular economy. He creates collaborations, tools, models, and knowledge to address all flows of water – and related energy – into, out of, and within cities.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Gabriella Joustra, Prof. Steven Kenway discusses the Net Zero Carbon Water Cycle and its potential benefits. Prof. Steven emphasized the importance of achieving balance in carbon dioxide levels to stabilize the Earth’s temperature. Prof. Steven gave tips on saving water and energy at home and in the city. He discussed various systems for both.

Prof. Steven also talked about Net Zero Water Cycle benefits, challenges, and ways to involve the community in wastewater recycling.

In conclusion

Saving water and electricity through shorter showers, preserving natural resources like the Whanganui River, and improving energy efficiency are crucial steps in minimizing water usage and stabilizing the Earth’s temperature. Long-term planning is key for successful implementation.

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