Penny Dillon: Nutritional Food to Boost Mood and Resilience | Bouncing Back #35

In this episode, host Joahanna Wickramaratne is joined by Penny Dillon, a seasoned presenter, certified Mental Health First Aid trainer, counselor, and clinical nutritionist

Did you know that stress can test your resilience and that the food you eat can make or break your mood? With Penny Dillon as your guide, get ready to uncover the secrets of how food affects your mood and resilience. 

Meet Penny Dillon

Penny Dillon is a multifaceted professional renowned for her expertise as a speaker, Mental Health First Aid trainer, counselor, and clinical nutritionist. With a passion for holistic wellness, Penny delivers engaging presentations on various topics, ranging from nutrition and women’s health to mental resilience and overall well-being.

As a compassionate counselor, she provides invaluable support to clients navigating through stress, anxiety, parenting challenges, and mental wellness concerns. Penny’s dedication to clinical nutrition also underscores her commitment to using food and lifestyle choices to enhance psychological and physical health.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Penny leads a vibrant life filled with diverse interests and activities. In her spare time, she generously volunteers at Lifeline, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to helping others. An adventurous spirit, Penny finds joy in rock climbing and paddleboarding, embracing the beauty of nature while staying active.

She lives in Sydney, Australia, with her food-enthusiastic husband, hungry teenage sons, and cherished pooch. Penny embodies a harmonious blend of professional success and personal fulfillment, enriching the lives of those around her with her warmth and expertise.

About the episode

Penny discusses the importance of bouncing back from everyday stresses. She explains that stress isn’t something you should ignore—it can help you get things done. She shares some stories and helpful advice to help you handle stress better.

Then, Penny discusses how what you eat can affect your mood. Penny breaks it down by discussing how food can change the chemicals in your brain that affect your feelings. She discusses how too much sugar can make you feel down and why choosing healthier snacks is important. 

Throughout the episode, Penny offers practical tips to help you feel better and deal with stress. Also, she suggests incorporating the Mediterranean diet into your daily. Penny unveils why it’s good for mental health and gives some easy ways to add Mediterranean-inspired meals to your diet.

In conclusion

Eating nutritional foods can boost your mood and resilience, which will help you thrive in life. With Penny Dillon’s expert guidance and relatable insights, you can take charge of your health and embrace a life filled with vitality and resilience. So, why wait? Start nourishing your body and mind with the proper nutritional food today, and embark on a journey toward greater well-being and happiness.

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