Pallavi Srivastava: To Grow Does Not Mean to Be Perfect | Doing Well #24

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Pallavi Srivastava, a seasoned Leadership and Personal Growth Coach with over 11 years of experience in coaching, therapy, and well-being

Personal growth is not just about improving your skills or reaching goals; it’s also a thrilling adventure that includes having an open mind, embracing new experiences, and having the wisdom to learn from mistakes. In this episode, you’ll learn how to embrace personal growth that aligns with who you truly are, bringing more joy and fulfillment to your life.

Meet Pallavi Srivastava

Pallavi Srivastava is a seasoned Leadership and Personal Growth Coach with over 11 years of experience in coaching, therapy, and well-being. She is the founder and CEO of The Wellbeing Ways LLC, where she empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to embrace their whole selves and develop deep, honest, and loving relationships with themselves.

With her extensive experience as both a therapist and coach, she has gained profound insights into the human capacity to create a fulfilling, growth-oriented, and resilient life. Also, she understands the challenges and frustrations that people often face while trying to implement ideas of well-being and fulfillment in their lives.

Moreover, Pallavi has helped clients from various industries, including science, technology, consulting, start-ups, and art, to lead more fulfilling and joyful lives. She has written a book titled Relationship with Self, which will be published later in 2023. The book draws on her firsthand expertise and real-life learnings to help readers explore and discover themselves and their relationship with themselves. 

Pallavi’s mission is to enable individuals to develop a deep and powerful bond with themselves, enabling them to be present for themselves during both difficult and good times. She strongly believes that cultivating a healthy relationship with oneself is critical to living a life of joy, fulfillment, and peace. 

About the episode

The conversation started when host Lu Ngo asked Pallavi’s definition of well-being. According to the latter, it is the journey of exploring and discovering what truly brings happiness and fulfillment and actively working towards it every day.

She added that well-being is not a destination but a process to be enjoyed despite the ups and downs. It varies for each person, encompassing finding joy in small things, pursuing passions, and slowing down or speeding up. 

Pallavi also discussed the misconceptions about well-being, like that it is solely about constant positivity when it actually involves acknowledging and navigating difficult emotions. Another misconception is viewing well-being as a fixed destination when it is an evolving journey.

According to her, personal growth involves three essential elements: self-discovery, learning, and growth. It is a process of becoming a better version of oneself in a way that holds personal significance. 

While personal growth can involve improving skills and talents and achieving goals, it goes beyond that since it encompasses having an open mind, embracing new experiences, and learning from mistakes and failures. It also entails being willing to step out of one’s comfort zone.

Lastly, she mentioned that those who experience personal growth possess several key characteristics, including curiosity, open-mindedness, and self-reflection.

In conclusion

Personal growth is an ongoing, individualized process that extends beyond specific life stages; it is not a one-time event or something pursued only when compelled. It involves continuously improving oneself and adapting to life’s challenges and uncertainties and demands long-term dedication.

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