Neil Savant: Integrating IoT to the Home and Appliances | Room by Room #17

In this episode of Room by Room, our enthusiastic host, Gabriella Joustra, is joined by the innovative Neil Savant, founder of NUOS Home Automation and co-founder of NUOS Medtech

Have you ever considered transforming your house into a smart one? Well, you should! Integrating IoT technology into homes and appliances can make your life easier. 

Meet Neil Savant

Neil Savant is an entrepreneur with experience in automotive engineering leadership. He left his career in the US to start an IoT venture in India.

Neil’s company specializes in developing smart home and office automation products. It recently expanded to include medical technology.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Gabriella Joustra, Neil Savant discusses smart home systems. Neil talked about IoT in homes, making things easier by controlling lights, AC, curtains, etc., through smartphones. Neil explained how home automation simplifies organizing and accessing everything in your home with IoT scheduling. Neil praised wireless IoT for its scene control and popularity and addressed concerns about complexity and security.

In conclusion

Having a smart home can simplify your life, especially when everything that is usually bothersome, like turning off the lights, can be automated. Would you go smart, or would you rather stay old school?

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