Nathan McCullough: Physical Training and Habits for Busy People | Self-improvement Atlas #5

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Nathan McCullough, an Integrative Nutritionist, Holistic Health and Life Coach

How do you achieve healthy physical and mental health when you are busy? This is hard since most people need help managing daily activities and routines. Through this podcast episode with Nathan McCollough, you will learn the best practices to create healthy habits despite busy schedules.

Meet Nathan McCullough

Nathan is an Integrative Nutritionist, Holistic Health and Life Coach, and Entrepreneur from America. He is also the founder of Rising Phoenix Wellness and co-founder of The Body Love Program, a lifestyle design program that teaches people to create sustainable lifestyle practices.

Additionally, Nathan has a master’s in Philosophy and a certification in Integrative Nutrition. His focus as a practitioner is on transformational practices that work at the unconscious level, re-writing people’s stories about who they are, who others are, and how the world is. His clients range all the way from addicts to athletes and everything in between.

About the episode

In this podcast episode hosted by Aditi Kutty, Nathan shared how important it is to maintain physical and mental health. And that a person should know what priorities he needs to attain a healthy life. He also shared some best practices for creating healthy habits for busy people.  

Nathan also discussed that one of the best practices people can employ is the concept of ‘plan your work, work your plan.’ It means that you spend time focusing on setting up or building what you want.  

Nathan and Adity also mentioned the connection between physical training, healthy habits, and personal development. He said that in personal development, it includes self-awareness. 

In conclusion

Having a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, especially when you have tight schedules in your daily lives, but gradually, or by just taking small steps, you can make a difference to yourself. You may face challenges, but those are part of the personal development process.

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