Melissa J. Robinson, Ph.D.: Building a Positive Self-Concept for Lasting Happiness | Sero Boost #51

In this episode, host Marie Stella Quek is joined by Melissa J. Robinson, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication at PennState University

Curious about the impact of self-perception on your happiness? Join host Marie Stella Quek and Melissa J. Robinson, Ph.D., as they delve into the intricate connection between self-concept and happiness. Tune in to reshape your self-perception and enhance your happiness.

Meet Melissa J. Robinson, Ph.D.

Melissa J. Robinson, Ph.D., is an assistant professor specializing in corporate communication at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus. Her academic pursuits focus on exploring media’s impact within health communication, narrative persuasion, and selective exposure. She has contributed to esteemed publications such as Communication Research, Human Communication Research, and Media Psychology.

About the episode

In this enlightening episode of Sero Boost, Melissa J. Robinson, Ph.D., discusses happiness on both macro and micro levels and relates happiness to satisfaction in various life domains such as relationships and work. She emphasizes finding joy in everyday moments and embracing life’s routines. Melissa challenges the misconception that happiness requires constant positivity or perfection, advocating instead for acknowledging life’s messiness and striving for contentment.

Melissa defines self-concept as self-representations in various life areas, influenced by factors like self-esteem, emotional affect, demographics, and motivations. She also discusses how media and other influences impact self-concepts, particularly regarding body image. She highlights positive, negative, and neutral self-concepts, noting the influence of media use on self-consistency and self-inspiration. 

Melissa discusses experiments comparing the effects of media narratives on body image. She underscores the significance of media literacy and introspection in preserving favorable self-perceptions, proposing tactics such as actively pursuing beneficial media material and fostering. She also discusses challenges like self-doubt and offers advice, including taking breaks from triggering media and seeking therapy if needed.

In conclusion

In this episode, Melissa J. Robinson, Ph.D., delves into various aspects of self-concept, emphasizing its relationship with media narratives and the significance of media literacy in shaping positive self-perceptions. She highlights the importance of self-reflection and positive thinking in maintaining a healthy self-concept. Melissa’s expertise offers valuable insights into navigating the complexities of self-perception in the digital age.

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