Marjorie Libourel: The Importance of Personal Growth and Self-Discovery in Maintaining Romantic Passion | Reloscope #24

In this episode of Reloscope, host Aditi Kutty explores the complex dynamics of romantic passion in relationships with Marjorie Libourel, an International Matchmaker & Relationship Expert

Passion in love can last beyond the initial phase, but it’s important to prevent it from turning into negative behaviors like obsession or jealousy.

Meet Marjorie Libourel

Marjorie Libourel is a seasoned International Matchmaker & Relationship Expert. Marjorie has serious street cred in Europe’s matchmaking scene, bringing loads of real-world know-how to the conversation.

Armed with her background in Social Sciences and years of coaching VIP clients, Marjorie dives deep into the modern dynamics of love and relationships, offering up some fresh insights along the way.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Aditi Kutty, Marjorie Libourel discusses the complex dynamics of romantic passion in relationships. She highlighted the importance of passion in a relationship and explored ways to sustain it over time.

Marjorie emphasized self-exploration and personal growth in relationships, linking them to romantic passion and individual progress.

Marjorie also explored nurturing passion and finding a balance between individuality and shared experiences in a relationship.

In conclusion

It’s crucial to keep a love for learning and developing yourself throughout your life. You need to balance your hobbies and interests and the things you share with others. Taking care of yourself and exploring your personality is vital for keeping desire alive and having a healthy relationship.

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