Marie-Claire Ross: Increasing Trust Throughout Your Organization | Sero Boost #19

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Marie-Claire Ross who is a renowned speaker, facilitator, and coach in building trust in leadership, teams, and organizations

This episode will tackle how leaders can cultivate a culture of trust, enhance employee engagement, and retain top talent. It will also address the importance of transparency to the impact of effective communication.

Meet Marie-Claire Ross

Marie-Claire is a business consultant and author who believes that businesses can be a force for good and aims to create thriving workplaces where people trust each other and themselves. She has a background in market research and co-founded a communications agency, Digicast Productions, where she produced live television broadcasts, marketing videos, corporate communication, and induction training programs. 

She also ran communication training workshops and coaching with senior leaders. Her work at Digicast was recognized with two LearnX Gold Awards. Marie-Claire is the author of the book, “Transform your Safety Communication” and developed the SUCCEeD Together Trust Framework®, which helps leaders identify and address trust drivers within their organizations. 

She provides coaching, training, and speaking engagements to help leaders optimize their cohesive leadership ability. Her practical, action-oriented approach has earned her a reputation as a truth-teller who can cut through old biases, mindsets, and behaviors that are hindering teams.

About the episode

According to Marie-Claire, happiness comes from within and involves feeling fulfilled and content in the present moment, rather than relying on external factors. She mentioned that practicing gratitude is key to achieving happiness and that it is the source of true joy and peace in life. 

She also said that there is a popular misconception that external factors such as money or a good-looking partner can make you happy, and explained that true happiness is the hardest thing for humans to master.

Marie-Claire further explained that trust is essential in teams, organizations, and among colleagues for accountability and achieving goals. Building trust involves making people understand their contributions to the organization and helping each other out. Leaders play a crucial role in building trust in the workplace.

She elaborated that trust is a two-way street in an organization, with both leaders and employees being accountable for their work and actions. Blaming others is not productive, and everyone needs to take ownership of their responsibilities to improve. 

To build trust, everyone in the organization must be emotionally mature and take responsibility for their actions. Developing interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, such as self-awareness, is crucial to building trust within an organization.

In conclusion

To increase trust, make sure to reflect on your behaviors and actions every week to become more self-aware and understand how you’re achieving your goals. Also, prioritize building safety and connection among team members to help them feel connected to each other and to the organization. 

Leaders need to be self-aware and mindful of their own behaviors and actions when building trust, and they need to have emotional intelligence and be able to read the emotions and needs of their team members. 

Lastly, if there are neurodiverse people within the team, it’s important to work on building safety, connection, and a sense of future with them to help them feel more comfortable and included. 

By implementing these practices, you can create a more positive and trusting work environment for yourself and your team.

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