Lison Mage: Overthinking and How It Affects Our Happiness | Sero Boost #7

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Lison Mage, an author, corporate facilitator, performance and mindset coach.

Overthinking is a problem that many people have. This can occur after facing traumatic experiences in the past or worrying about the uncertainty of the future. But this can consume your mental energy, destroy your happiness, and make you doubt everything.

Meet Lison

Lison Mage is an author, corporate facilitator, and performance and mindset coach. She works primarily with technology companies to elevate engagement and performance by providing their leaders and teams with practical and science-based strategies and tools to foster a growth mindset and enhance their decision-making processes. 

As an ex-engineer, she went through a massive career change after working on three different continents in some of the major software companies, such as Salesforce and Oracle, to embrace her vocation: empowering people and teams to perform at their full potential.

About the episode

The conversation started when Lu Ngo and Lison talked about overthinking. According to Lison, overthinking is an excess of thoughts that lead to harmful consequences. So if you have too many thoughts, it has several negative impacts on you.

She also gave a bit of simple advice that is really helpful in overcoming overthinking through having enough sleep, eating well, and exercising. Lison added that these practices might be generic and standard. Still, these are useful practices and an actual way to combat negative emotions such as anxiety and stress. 

For overthinkers, she said it is important not to suppress your emotions; you can journal the things that cross your mind, and through these, you can unpack those thoughts, see their patterns, and reflect on them.

In conclusion

Doing basic activities such as exercising, journaling, and getting the right amount of sleep is the key to reducing overthinking, which is also helpful for nourishing one’s well-being.

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