Lee Taube: Living a Zestful Life | Doing Well #41

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Lee Taube, a Master of Professional Psychology graduate and founder/director of Trans Space, a multidisciplinary mental health service

This episode uncovers the essence of zest and its significance, particularly within the TGD community. Lee Taube provides valuable insights into recognizing the absence of zest and offers guidance on reigniting it in our lives. Don’t miss out on the unexpected twist where Lee and Lu uncover Barbie as an unconventional yet impactful source of inspiration for zest!

Tune in to host Lu Ngo and Lee Taube as they delve into the vibrant realm of fostering a zestful existence.

Meet Lee Taube

Lee Taube is a proud genderqueer individual, a registered psychologist, and the founder/director of Trans Space, a multidisciplinary mental health service. Lee specializes in emotion-focused therapy, primarily working with transgender and gender-diverse clients.

They have authored 4 peer-reviewed publications advocating for strengths-based approaches to enhance mental health and psychosocial well-being within the TGD community. They conducted a thesis titled “Surviving to Thriving: Examining Character Strengths in Trans and Gender Diverse People” at Deakin University in 2018.

Lee also presented their findings at three national conferences and published the results in peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, they co-founded Ygender and spearheaded a successful campaign for gender-neutral bathrooms on their university campus.

About the episode

In this illuminating episode of Doing Well, Lee Taube and Lu Ngo discuss various aspects of well-being. They explore personal definitions of the concept, including physical, emotional, and social components. They also delve into the importance of being honest about one’s well-being and debunk common misconceptions. 

Lee emphasizes the need for balance and acknowledges that “it’s okay not to be okay” sometimes, challenging the notion of toxic positivity. They also highlight the significance of living a meaningful and fulfilling life beyond mere existence.

Lee moves on to the concept of zest and its impact on well-being. In their opinion, zest is a multifaceted quality encompassing courage, passion, and enthusiasm. They explore how having zest contributes to higher life satisfaction and better mental health, positively influencing daily activities and attitudes toward life.

Lee suggests that zest is not just about constant positivity. It is a curiosity about the unknown and resilience in the face of challenges. Lee uses Barbie as an example and discusses how a zestful mindset can impact various aspects of life.

Lee discusses identifying barriers to a zestful mindset. They emphasize the benefits of finding activities that bring joy and being present in life. They also stress the importance of self-care and surrounding oneself with positivity to cultivate a zestful mindset.

In conclusion

This episode spans topics from philosophical inquiry to practical advice, emphasizing self-awareness, mindfulness, and personal growth. Lu Ngo and Lee Taube discuss strategies for overcoming challenges, fostering resilience, and nurturing meaningful connections. The episode is a simple guide to achieving a fulfilling existence.

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