Lavinia Popescu: The Importance of Emotional Development in Early Ages | Self-improvement Atlas #4

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Lavinia Popescu Nau, a psychologist specializing in positive psychology and emotional intelligence

Emotional development begins early in life. At the same time, the ability to manage emotions creates room for growth and development. In this podcast episode, Lavinia Popescu Nau shared how emotional development plays a crucial role in one’s personal development and the importance of self-awareness. 

Meet Lavinia Popescu Nau

Lavinia Popescu Nau is a psychologist who specialised in positive psychology and emotional intelligence. She is a positive-minded psychologist committed to making and communicating decisions with confidence and credibility. She is also known for developing therapy programs and modalities for restoring or improving severe mental health disorders using a positive attitude and reinforcements.

She worked in mental health in different countries, like Spain and the United Kingdom, and she did her dissertation in Romania. Currently, she is a Resident Advisor in the Mental and Behavioural Health unit at Franciscan Health, Dyer, Indiana, United States.

Additionally, Lavinia enrolled in a Master’s Degree program at the Lewis College of Letters and Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology to expand her knowledge of mental health and achieve her goal of making a positive impact in our society. She carries numerous certifications and training, like Identifying Early Signs of Psychosis in Adolescents and Young Adults from Stanford University or Psychological First Aid from John Hopkins University.

About the episode

In this podcast episode hosted by Aditi Kutty, Lavinia said that knowing the emotions and feelings that you have around you and what is inside you is all part of personal development. It is essential to ask yourself who you want to be, career-wise or personally.

She also shared some practices to improve emotional development, which include finding three things you are grateful for every day, doing yoga and meditation, and talking about positive affirmations. Another approach that Lavinia mentioned that you could take to teach your child to develop emotions is through the use of media like the Inside Out movie, emotional intelligence cards, and board games where you can make strategies and, when they lose, you can see their level of frustration and how they can express themselves.

In conclusion

Learning about your emotions, understanding why they occur, recognizing others’ emotions, and developing effective ways to cope are all part of emotional development, which is vital for personal growth. And that it is essential to build positive emotional development, especially for children, since it enables them to form healthy relationships, manage emotions, and engage with the environment.

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