Laetitia Di Franco – Freitas: Managing Health and Wellness Using Yoga | Self-improvement Atlas #28

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Laetitia di Franco-Freitas, who is a Yoga and Pranayama instructor, Women's Circle facilitator, and passionate advocate for community-based holistic wellness

Today’s world is too focused on isolated, individual development, giving rise to unsustainable practices that alienate the person from themselves, isolate them from their community, and damage their health. Holistic wellness is all about rebuilding this connection, allowing you to be more mindful and healthy in your pursuit of growth.

Meet Letitia di Franco-Freitas

Letitia has been practicing Yoga and Pranayama since she was 16, finally becoming certified to teach the practice in 2020. Principles from her yoga practice have influenced her to form safe communities in her Women’s Circles. She firmly believes that holistic wellness is a big part of personal development, not just for health but also for relationships, careers, and other life areas.

About the episode

Host Aditi Kutty and guest Laetitia di Franco-Freitas opened up with a discussion about personal development. Laetitia believes that development should be subjective to your life, personality, and potential.

They then discuss the main challenges that people face when pursuing growth. Laetitia feels that most people are not consistent, are resistant to change, and are afraid of failure.

She reveals how practices such as yoga and pranayama can help address these issues. It helps manage stress and improves overall health and wellness. More than that, the discipline and consistency applied in the practice can bleed over to other aspects of wellness. 

The discussion then pointed towards developing a yoga habit. She talks about tips like setting time-based routines, finding accountability partners, and setting aside time for mindfulness. 

Laetitia believes that mindfulness is one of the most important practices you can take away from yoga. You can apply this practice to every aspect of your life, and even this small change can do big things to improve your overall wellness.

In conclusion

Modern life is fraught with many traps that can lead to deteriorating physical and mental health. Mindful practices like yoga can help you combat these modern ills and lead you to healthier, more balanced, and more sustainable personal growth.

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