Krysta Kors: Media’s Impact on Body Image and Personal Development | Self-improvement Atlas #39

In this episode, host Marie Stella is joined by Krysta Kors, who is a psychologist with expertise in education, community organizations, and medical clinics

In this episode, Host Marie Stella and Krysta Kors tackle the concept of body image and its impact on self-esteem. They explore the influence of media representation and examine how societal and cultural factors shape the perceptions of physical appearance.

Meet Krysta Kors 

Krysta is a registered Psychologist with additional qualifications in counseling. She has more than 20 years of experience in mental health and has worked in a range of secondary and tertiary education settings, community organizations, and medical clinics. 

Krysta currently runs a private practice, providing individual psychological support for people experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety, disordered eating, depression, stress, trauma, and social difficulties. She enjoys time at home with her husband, three sons, two cats, and two guinea pigs.

About the episode

In this episode, Krysta examines body image—the perception of physical appearance in relation to self-esteem. She uncovers media representation’s significant role in distorting these perceptions, leading individuals to chase unattainable beauty standards. 

Together, Marie and Krysta navigate the obstacles encountered on the journey to attain an ideal body image, exploring distinctions between self-esteem issues in teenagers and adults and dissecting the impact of societal and cultural factors.

In conclusion

This episode helps listeners understand the role of media in distorting perceptions and recognizing the challenges individuals face in their pursuit of an idealized body image. Krysta’s exploration of societal and cultural influences helps shed light on the broader context of body image issues.

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