Kimberly Worsham: Plumbing, Its Importance, and Maintenance | Room by Room #21

In this episode, host Gabriella is joined by Kimberly Worsham, a water and sanitation specialist with over a decade of experience in plumbing, and a Master of Integrated Water Management

Did you know that understanding plumbing can help you and your community? It’s not just about your own home – it affects everyone.

Meet Kimberly Worsham

Kimberly Worsham is a water and sanitation specialist and toilet historian. She owns WASH, a company that provides education and consulting services in water and sanitation. 

About the episode

In this episode hosted by  Gabriella Joustra, Kimberly Worsham explains the importance of plumbing.

Kimberly emphasized the role of plumbing in public health. She also stressed the importance of hiring professional plumbers and the risks of DIY plumbing projects.

Kimberly also discussed the importance of bathroom hygiene to prevent bacteria from spreading. She provided tips on how to clean the bathroom properly.

In conclusion

Keeping your plumbing in good shape is essential to access clean water and working toilets. When you run into more significant issues, calling in professionals is always a good idea. And let’s be honest, we all know how important toilets are – keeping them clean and well-maintained helps keep everything around us cleaner and healthier!

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