Kate Hufnagel: Getting Your Affairs in Order | Room by Room #18

In this episode, our host, Gabriella Joustra, is joined by Kate Hufnagel, a technology enthusiast, and digital clutter expert

While technology can help stay organized, it can also contribute to the digital clutter problem. So, if you’re overwhelmed by the digital clutter in your life, solutions are available to help you regain control.                                                                                                                     

Meet Kate Hufnagel

Kate Hufnagel is an estate and digital organizer with a background in engineering and high-tech fields. Kate helps individuals and families systematize their estates and digital devices for a well-organized legacy.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Gabriella Joustra, Kate Hufnagel discusses the importance of organizing digital assets and estates. Kate discussed creating a legacy contact for digital accounts, organizing digital photos, and transparency in allergy-friendly food and personal care products.

Moving on, Kate also addressed the importance of conversing with loved ones about financial matters and digital assets for estate planning.

In conclusion

Managing access to our online accounts and considering factors like NFTs, cryptocurrency, and company point systems for our digital legacy is important. Use tools like Facebook’s legacy setting and secure methods to record account information and passwords. Take proactive steps to ensure our online presence is handled with care and intention after we pass.

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