Kantiana Taslim: Importance and Challenges of Children’s Sex Education | Raising Parents #13

In this episode of Raising Parents, host Dina Sargeant joined by Kantiana Taslim, a clinical psychologist from Indonesia.

Children’s sex education may be a sensitive topic for some parents. However, it is crucial for responsible development.

Meet Kantiana Taslim

Kantiana Taslim is an experienced Clinical Psychologist from Indonesia. Kantiana specializes in helping children, teenagers, young adults, and families with emotional, social, and relationship issues, academic problems, parenting concerns, and mental health challenges.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Dina Sargeant, Kantiana emphasized the need for ongoing open communication about sex education with children from an early age.

Kantiana gave tips on parents having sensitive and age-appropriate sex education discussions with their children. She emphasized setting realistic expectations and guiding children to reliable sources while handling explicit content.

Additionally, Kantiana stressed that timing is crucial when teaching sex education to kids. She recommended starting early and focusing on boundaries and consent. 

Kantiana also highlighted the importance of raising awareness about mental health and psychological education to break the stigma attached to these issues.

In conclusion

Ensuring open communication with children and equipping them with reliable information on sex education is crucial. This approach fosters a safe, informed environment promoting healthy development and understanding.

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