Jen Fajardo: New Year’s Financial Wellness — An Insurance Action Plan | Self-improvement Atlas #43

In this episode, host Marie Stella is joined by Jen Fajardo, a coach/mentor, financial advisor, unit Head, entrepreneur, events planner, and stylist

Many people struggle to negotiate the difficulties of financial wellness in the context of widespread financial insecurity. This holistic approach to financial planning provides clarity and assistance, highlighting the necessity of insurance and recommending measures to improve overall financial health.

Meet Jen Fajardo

Jen Fajardo has 16,000 Facebook followers and a few thousand TikTok and Instagram followers. She posts about finance, basic budgeting, and collaborations with other firms or institutions to encourage financial literacy in the Philippines.

Jen now wears many hats, including coach/mentor, financial adviser, unit head, entrepreneur, event planner, and stylist. Jen hopes to motivate Millennials and Generation Z to start talking about planning and seeking mentors.

Learning more about how they can be better as individuals or as professionals in the future should be normal. She’s dreaming and hoping to create a community that changes one mindset at a time. She hopes that through her partnerships and network, she can encourage others with no capacity to enroll in such courses, workshops, or schools to get inspired that as young as now, they can make a difference by just learning how to earn a living, save for the rainy days, invest in things that they want to know and accumulate wealth. 

For her, the Philippines is a rich country; however, not everyone sees the opportunities here. She’s motivated to share her platform by conducting financial wellness and planning for employees, students, companies, and small to medium enterprises so that others can access free learning. Their future selves will thank them for preparing for uncertainties / financial struggles.

About the episode

Jen Fajardo emphasizes a holistic approach to financial planning, beginning with the basics of budgeting, managing expenses and debts, and exploring avenues for investment and protection. This comprehensive strategy aligns financial actions with personal goals, ensuring a balanced and informed path toward financial stability.

Insurance stands as a cornerstone in the architecture of financial wellness. It serves as a safety net, ensuring that one’s financial plans and family’s future remain secure against unforeseen circumstances. Jen articulates the necessity of insurance in safeguarding investments and providing peace of mind, thereby reinforcing its role in a well-rounded financial plan.

She mentioned three primary types of insurance essential for financial health:

  • Life insurance/income protection plan: This plan ensures that in the event of the policyholder’s untimely demise, their family continues to receive financial support, mirroring the income that would have been provided.
  • Critical illness and hospitalization plan: This plan offers coverage for serious health conditions, ensuring that one can afford the best medical treatment without financial strain.
  • Dividends and pension plans: These plans provide financial benefits during the policyholder’s lifetime, aiding in education funding or serving as a supplementary income during retirement.

She also addresses common misconceptions surrounding insurance, such as the belief that it only serves a purpose in the event of death or illness. She clarifies that many insurance policies offer living benefits, such as partial withdrawals for financial emergencies, underscoring the versatility and importance of insurance in financial planning.

In conclusion

Financial wellness and personal development are intertwined, with each influencing the other. Achieving financial wellness provides the freedom to make choices that align with one’s personal development goals. Insurance planning plays a pivotal role in this journey by offering security and peace of mind, enabling individuals to focus on growth and self-improvement.

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