Irena Grigorian: How to Improve Self-Esteem & Enhance Personal Resilience | Bouncing Back #23

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Irena Grigorian, a Wellness and Advancement Counsellor and Psychosomatic Therapist with a diverse educational background and counseling experience

Through engaging discussions and expert insights, the episode explores how people can empower themselves, discover their full potential, and cultivate personal resilience to navigate setbacks effectively. By focusing on the power of self-esteem, Dina and Irena discuss valuable tools to bounce back from adversity and embrace personal growth through the power of self-esteem.

Meet Irena Grigorian

Irena Grigorian is a coach, mentor, counseling hypnotist, clinical hypnotherapist, and NLP master. She has a diverse educational background, starting with a BA in Electronics Engineering specializing in satellite communication. She also has a degree in International Marketing and Business Administration.

Later, Irena transitioned into the helping professions and pursued various qualifications, learning from the best masters worldwide, including the US, UK, Russia, and Australia. She is currently pursuing an MA in counseling to become a master hypnotist.

About the episode

In this episode of Bouncing Back, Irena Grigorian advocates the importance of personal resilience, as it aligns with people’s survival instincts. According to Irena, the unconscious mind prioritizes survival, although it might not always involve happiness.

She further explains the intertwinement between emotions and the comfort zone, which, in reality, is not always as comfortable. She asserts that people base their comfort zone on familiarity rather than contentment. Her perspective manifests that the mind perceives change as a potential threat and tries to maintain safety by stagnating in the comfort zone.

During the episode, Irena discusses how the fear of judgment and the fear of trying new things can induce anxiety. She also mentions perfectionism can also contribute to self-esteem issues. She asserts that this perspective shifts people’s attitudes toward a more positive and self-affirming direction.

According to Irena, self-esteem is influenced by genetics, societal and religious influences, ancestral lineage, and personal life experiences. She also highlights that self-sabotaging behaviors and negative self-perceptions entail low self-esteem and may manifest physically and psychologically.

During the episode, Irena illustrates how children are more self-focused, given that their primary needs and desires are centered around themselves. She further explains that societal and cultural influences shape people’s perspectives as they grow older. Irena also emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between selflessness and caring for others.

According to Irena, once a change is made through therapy, it creates new neural pathways in the brain that make it harder to revert to old habits. She concludes the episode by stating that boundaries promote assertiveness in self-protection against abuse or unhealthy situations, and therapy creates lasting change.

In conclusion

Personal resilience, self-awareness, and boundaries are crucial for enhancing self-esteem and nurturing healthy relationships, as opposed to fear of judgment and perfectionism. It is also important to recognize achievements and practice self-compassion. Therapy has transformative effects with regard to creating lasting change and empowering individuals to establish boundaries and cultivate positive self-perceptions.

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