Hugh Mackay: The Transformative Power of Kindness | Sero Boost #13

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Hugh Mackay, a social psychologist and the bestselling author of 22 books, including his latest, The Kindness Revolution.

Now is the moment to begin an exciting adventure into the marvelous realm of empathy and kindness. This opportunity allows you to absorb knowledge from an expert and partake in a profound discussion about how empathy and kindness can profoundly impact the global community and individual experiences.

Meet Hugh Mackay

Hugh Mackay, a distinguished social psychologist and bestselling author, holds an honorary professorship at the Research School of Psychology in ANU and patronizes the Asylum Seekers Centre. He has also served in prestigious roles like deputy chairman of the Australia Council for the Arts and the inaugural chairman of the ACT government’s Community Inclusion Board.

Hugh has been recognized with honorary professorships at Macquarie, Wollongong, and Charles Sturt universities. His exemplary contributions have earned him honorary doctorates from several universities, and in 2015, he was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Australia in recognition of his significant impact in his field.

About the episode

In this captivating episode, Hugh Mackay shares his personal journey and career perspectives, emphasizing the profound impact of kindness on both individuals and society. Lu engages Hugh in a delightful conversation, unveiling interesting facts, including his dual passion for writing.

The heart of the episode revolves around the immense power of kindness, which Hugh ardently believes is crucial in defining our shared humanity amidst today’s fast-paced and disconnected world.

As the episode unfolds, Lu takes us on an enriching quest for recommendations. Hugh suggests a book called On Becoming a Person by Carl Rogers, an insightful exploration of human relationships. For movie enthusiasts, Cinema Paradiso offers a heartwarming and enchanting journey in an Italian village. Book lovers will find joy in Books Books Books, a thoughtful podcast hosted by Nicole Liberty, brimming with literary discussions.

In conclusion

Happiness ought to be seen as a state of “wholeness” rather than momentary joy. Drawing inspiration from the ancient Greek idea of “eudaimonia,” it encompasses fulfilling responsibilities, making sacrifices for the greater good, and nurturing virtuous qualities.

True happiness is achieved by becoming a complete individual, finding contentment in life’s journey, and fulfilling purpose. Embracing this viewpoint leads to a more profound and purposeful existence.

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