Gavin Colosimo, CFP®: Managing Expenses During the Retirement Period | Self-improvement Atlas #27

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Gavin Colosimo, CFP® who is a highly experienced senior financial advisor at First Financial, based in Melbourne, Australia

Most people think that retirement planning is something that only people in their twilight years should be concerned about, but it’s a topic relevant for all ages. Financial strain can happen to anyone, so preparing for retirement as early as possible guards you and yours against the worst curveballs that life has to offer.

Meet Gavin Colosimo

Gavin Colosimo is a seasoned senior financial advisor. With two decades of experience in the financial planning industry, he specializes in self-managed super funds (SMSF), retirement planning, and aged care advice. Beyond the charts and graphs, Gavin brings a personal touch to the world of finance and firmly believes in making sound, logical decisions where your financial future is concerned.

About the episode

The conversation kicked off with Aditi and Gavin exploring personal takes on the concepts of self-improvement and conscious living. It weaved into retirement planning, with Gavin highlighting that it’s never too soon to plan for retirement. Even if it’s far away, planning today lays the groundwork for the kind of life you want to live in several decades’ time.

Gavin shed light on core questions you have to ask yourself: the “where”, “when”, and “what” of the kind of retirement you desire. He also stressed that retirement planning is not only about the numbers but also about being more conscious of your needs and wants, especially over time.

He also discussed general strategies on how to secure your financial future and delved into why financial planning spurs personal development. There was also discussion about the challenges that individuals face when planning, and quick tips on how to overcome them.

Lastly, he stressed that retirement is not a destination but a journey. He underscored the power of accountability and honesty in your financial assessments as constant companions in this voyage and expressed the importance of being in tune with yourself.

In conclusion

Financial planning can sometimes seem like a maze, but having a clear understanding of yourself can take you far. Gavin Colosimo’s insights won’t take you directly to financial freedom in your retirement years – but it will point you in the right direction.

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