Gabriella Joustra: The Ebb and Flow of the Love of Learning | Doing Well #31

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Gabriella Joustra, who shares her personal journey and how her passion for learning has evolved over time

The universal love of learning is a powerful force that propels you to new heights of knowledge and achievement. Yet, it’s also a journey fraught with challenges, from the inevitable ebbs and flows of interest to the delicate balance between perseverance and letting go. Gabriella Joustra shares the secrets to keeping enthusiasm and dedication amid learning challenges in this episode.

Meet Gabriella Joustra

Gabriella Joustra’s multifaceted life journey took root in the diverse environments of four countries, where she cultivated an insatiable curiosity and a voracious appetite for knowledge. Her upbringing in such varied settings instilled a deep appreciation for understanding, bridging language barriers, and embracing new skills. Gabriella’s unwavering dedication to learning and her passion for exploring different cultures and languages have been evident throughout her life.

As a podcast host and an ardent learner, Gabriella has generously shared her wealth of experiences and insights with others. Her profound love for literature and cinema and her recent fascination with the Chinese-inspired mythic narrative of “Iron Widow” by Shiran Jiang showcases her eclectic taste and a keen eye for captivating stories. Her endorsement of the Japanese film industry’s ability to create engaging apocalyptic and horror films, particularly in movies like “One Cut of the Dead,” underscores her appreciation for nuanced storytelling and visual artistry.

Gabriella’s dedication to language learning, particularly in French, is a testament to her commitment to expanding her linguistic repertoire and immersing herself in new cultures.

About the episode

The podcast delves into Gabriella’s experiences with the ebb and flow of learning and interests. Using the tide metaphor, she vividly illustrates how her fascination with various subjects waxes and wanes based on life circumstances. This fluctuation isn’t confined to hobbies but also to academic pursuits. 

To tackle those ebbs and flows, Gabriella stresses the significance of balancing persistence and letting go, tailoring your approach to the reasons behind the loss of interest. Furthermore, she underscores the necessity of taking breaks to safeguard one’s mental well-being and recounts her journey of uncovering a passion for psychology.

Gabriella also offers profound insights into well-being, defining it as a state where everything feels right. She underscores that well-being encompasses mental and physical health, nurturing relationships, and maintaining a harmonious work-life balance. Encouraging you to discern what suits you best, she urges you to prioritize mental well-being in your academic and recreational pursuits.

In conclusion

The love of learning is not just a pursuit but a way of life. Through the ebb and flow of our interests and experiences, you can uncover the boundless joy of discovery and the fulfillment of expanding your knowledge horizons. Keep embracing curiosity, cherishing the lifelong learning journey, and continuing to find inspiration in every new endeavor you undertake.

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