Gabriella Joustra: How Perseverance Fuels Resilience in Difficult Times | Bouncing Back #29

In this episode, host Johanna Wickramarante is joined by Gabriella Joustra, who is also the host of the Home Organization podcast "Room by Room" and the Household Management podcast "On the House"

Do you struggle with navigating challenges and adversities in your life? Gabriella Joustra shares the interplay between perseverance and resilience when facing adversity and how self-reflection helps face new challenges.

Meet Gabriella Joustra

Gabriella Joustra holds degrees in psychology and journalism. She was raised in four separate nations—Hong Kong, Monaco, Aotearoa/New Zealand, and Australia—but she was born and resides there now. Gabriella was initially exposed to podcasts in an audio journalism course, but it wasn’t until she came across Welcome to Nightvale on Tumblr that she became a formal podcast enthusiast.

She completed two brief internships at ABC Radio and 3AW, volunteered temporarily on SYN and remotely on Joy 94.9, and produced a roller derby-themed podcast episode for All The Best. She has also created two sewing videos and maintains a sewing blog.

About the episode

Gabriella Joustra shares her journey, showing how her persistence and strength have shaped different parts of her life. Gabriella says that resilience is not being immune to problems but rather being able to face them head-on and get back on your feet. According to her, it is the skill of handling problems efficiently without giving up because of how bad they are. 

Gabriella deeply understands the different aspects of sadness and recognizes it as a normal reaction to loss. One of the most important aspects of resilience is the ability to keep going even when things get tough. It is essential to find joy in the face of hardships and encourage people to engage in activities even when circumstances are challenging. Perseverance and resilience go hand in hand; the former strengthens the latter’s ability to face adversity head-on.

You should be okay with putting things on hold and returning to them when their feelings are less tense, and you should decide what makes you happy and content. Gabriella says resilience alone can be a guiding light during challenging times when perseverance is weak.

She supports a forward-looking approach that focuses on learning and improving instead of dwelling on past mistakes. Thinking carefully about these mistakes can be helpful if done at the right time and in the right way. 

In conclusion

You can gain valuable insights from difficult experiences and boost your inner strength through perseverance, which leads to personal growth. You can’t separate the process of becoming more resilient from your unshakable determination to keep going through tough times. Getting to the heart of acceptance by saying that recognizing what you can and cannot control is a key part of building both perseverance and resiliency.

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