Gabriela Georges MC-ACP: Exploring the Unexpected Sources of Grief | Bouncing Back #33

In this episode, host Joahanna Wickramaratne is joined by Gabriella Georges, a writer, musician, and creative grief guide

Life can throw unexpected sources of grief your way when you least expect them. It’s not always about losing someone close; it could be the end of a relationship, losing your job, or even reaching a major milestone. In this conversation, Gabriela Georges will share her expertise to help you navigate through these challenging times.

Meet Gabriela Georges MC-ACP

Gabriela Georges MC-ACP is a writer, musician, and creative grief guide. She is the visionary behind The Grief Cocoon and boasts over 8 years of experience supporting those navigating loss. Her academic accomplishments include a Master of Arts and Community Practice from the University of Melbourne (2017), where her thesis delved into the impact of poetry, performance, and community on the grieving process.

Gabriela’s journey began when she lost her mother in a mere four months, a tragedy that spurred her to establish The Grief Cocoon. This platform provides creative grief support and education through an online community, interactive workshops, compelling events, podcasts, and accessible social media content. Bridging the gap between the corporate and community realms, The Grief Cocoon is dedicated to crafting a world where no one must endure grief in isolation.

About the episode

In this podcast, Gabriela talks openly about the challenging parts of feeling grief, mixing her own stories with her smart ideas to help us understand this familiar human feeling. With her honest way of speaking and lots of knowledge, Gabriela takes you on a journey through the many sides of grief.

Gabriela shares her experiences with grief, showing how important it is to use your creativity when feeling down. She also talks about the importance of having good friends and family to lean on when things get tough. She even explains how what people think and the type of loss you experience can change how you deal with grief.

Throughout the episode, Gabriela shows you how grief can change you for the better. She asks you to think about what matters in life and how you can find comfort even when things don’t go as planned, like losing a job.

As the talk continues, Gabriela explores the different parts of grief, including how it affects thoughts, feelings, and bodies. She explains why finding different ways to deal with grief is crucial instead of just ignoring it. Her advice helps you face your grief with strength, creativity, and a fresh outlook.

In conclusion

Unexpected sources of grief aren’t something you have to face alone. It’s about understanding that loss comes in many forms and finding the strength to overcome it. Whether it’s through tapping into your creative side, leaning on the support of those closest to you, or recognizing the different ways grief can show up, you have the power to embark on a journey of healing and resilience. Despite grief’s challenges, it also offers the chance for profound personal growth and transformation. So, as you navigate life’s ups and downs, remember to embrace the journey and find beauty in overcoming adversity.

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