Emmy Hernandez: Exploring Romantic Relationship Dynamics and Happiness | Sero Boost #28

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Emmy Hernandez, an executive-level Love and Relationship Coach, international speaker, workshop facilitator, and author

There’s no doubt that personal relationships affect individual health and happiness. But why, and how? This episode will delve deep into the fascinating science of romantic relationship dynamics and happiness.

Meet Emmy Hernandez

Emmy Hernandez is a renowned executive-level Love and Relationship Coach. She has been featured in Forbes and TED-Ed. She co-authored the #1 International Best-Selling book Women Who Lead and is an international speaker, facilitator, and author. Drawing from her own experience and studies, she works with women and couples who are committed to creating amazing and lasting relationships.

About the episode

The episode was grounded on Emmy’s definition of happiness as a state of alignment between a person’s beliefs and desires. The pursuit of this alignment generates growth, excitement, and ultimately, happiness.

She believes that the biggest misconception people have about happiness is that your significant other is supposed to make you happy. You are the only one responsible for your happiness – partners can only magnify what you have, not create it.

From there, the conversation then turned into common harmful dynamics in relationships. Emmy revealed that picking the wrong partner, ignoring past traumas, and neglecting to work on yourself are big contributors to having dysfunctional relationships.

However, she also discussed one of the best practices to attract healthy relationships: to be a healthy and thriving individual first.

The conversation then moved into attachment styles. Emmy discussed how one can use attachment styles as tools that can vary depending on the situation and application, rather than a rule that has to be applied for every single situation. 

Emmy also discussed strategies for maintaining healthy communication in relationships. She gave tips such as recognizing the differences between people, being curious rather than confrontational, and accessing training and knowledge wherever possible. They also discussed the importance of managing and arranging power dynamics in relationships.

Another highlight of the episode is the healthy practices and habits. She believes in daily meditation and mindfulness, working with a coach, and even taking care of your body to feel better about yourself, and thus attract great relationships.

In conclusion

Relationships are often thought of as an interpersonal thing – and it is. But healthy relationships can only arise from healthy individuals, so the root of all healthy interpersonal romantic relationships is having a healthy relationship with yourself. This episode discussed how your tendencies, perceptions, and beliefs influence your relationships and gave you helpful tools every step of the way.

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