Ellie Shollenberger, MBA, MA: Boosting Happiness – The Power of Self-Efficacy | Sero Boost #27

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Ellie Shollenberger MBA, MA, an IT project manager, volunteer clinical researcher, and passionate advocate for building confidence

Confidence is almost like this magical quality that people seek. However, it’s possible to cultivate confidence by overcoming limiting beliefs, eliminating negative self-talk, and having a forward-thinking mindset.

Meet Ellie Shollenberger

Ellie Shollenberger is an accomplished professional for a leading Japanese IT company in the US. As a dedicated volunteer clinical researcher at the Feed Forward Association in Japan, Ellie explores how futuristic thinking can positively impact lives. Ellie is passionately committed to building other’s self-belief and confidence.

About the episode

Host Lu Ngo and guest Ellie Schollenberger opened the episode with a discussion about happiness. Ellie believes that happiness is being true to oneself, and she discussed common pitfalls such as attaching one’s happiness to material gains or other’s opinions.

Building on this, the discussion then turned to the role of self-efficacy in boosting happiness. Drawing from her expertise and research, Ellie defines the trait of self-efficacy, tackles common beliefs that hinder the fullest expression of this trait, and strategies for overcoming them.

An important part of the discussion is also the role of self-efficacy in teams and organizations, revealing the role of company culture in discouraging or encouraging efficacy.

Lastly, Ellie recommended interesting tips for building self-efficacy and confidence in individuals. They talked about the importance of self-assessment, balancing different aspects of your life, positive self-talk, and seeking new and uncomfortable experiences.

In conclusion

A healthy self-efficacy is key to a more positive future, one where you can set goals and actively work on them. In this episode, Lu and Ellie discussed essential information for enhancing this character trait, helping you achieve your highest potential.

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