Dr. Xolile Antoni: Empowering Family through Financial Socialization and Literacy | All Together #29

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Dr Xolile Antoni, a certified financial planner and senior lecturer in the Department of Management at Rhodes University

Family finance can be incredibly complex, emotional, and just a heavy topic all around. However, it’s something that must be discussed, not just for immediate needs but for the family’s future as well. This episode will provide valuable insights into navigating this touchy subject.

Meet Dr. Xolile Antoni

Dr. Xolile Antoni is a certified financial planner and a senior lecturer in the Department of Management at Rhodes University. He draws from his passion for financial planning, literacy, and socialization to teach Personal Financial Management to honors students. He has also published multiple academic works and has received the prestigious Researcher of the Year award in 2023.

About the episode

The episode kicked off with a discussion about the changing definition of family in modern times. Dr. Xolile discussed that what constitutes a family is evolving, and is now only loosely based on biological bonds.

From this, they then discussed the definition of family finance as every aspect of finances happening within the household. This doesn’t just mean the transactions, but also the value systems, beliefs, attitudes, and norms. Dr. Xolile believes family finances are critical because they significantly impact the family’s future.

He believes that every family member should be involved in this process, even children from a very young age, provided this education occurs at some level they can understand. This establishes an excellent foundation for great attitudes about money in the future. It can also mitigate the harmful culture of not discussing money and finances, which he believes could be ultimately damaging to families and individuals.

Dr. Xolile then shares several tips to implement this, such as teaching children the value of things, the importance of money, and the role of finances in their lives.

He also advocates for specific practices to enhance a family’s financial literacy. Dr. Xolile believes everybody should start with budgeting and make it a fun and engaging family activity. From here, the family can move upwards towards planning for financial goals, such as retirement, savings, etc.

In conclusion

Family finances can seem complex and scary, but they don’t have to be. Families can simplify their finances, teach them to their children, and develop a healthy culture of honesty and openness about this significant aspect of life. 

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