Dr. Rebecca Heiss: Overcoming Fear: Embrace Life to the Fullest | Sero Boost #22

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Dr. Rebecca Heiss, an evolutionary biologist and stress expert whose research has been designated “transformative” by the National Science Foundation

What is the intricate link between fear and happiness, and how does this connection manifest in daily life? Do all feelings of fear originate from the same place? Are there different kinds of fear?

Fear is a double-edged sword that, when used correctly, can unleash your potential leading to a more fruitful life.

Meet Dr. Rebecca Heiss

As an evolutionary biologist and stress expert, Dr. Rebecca Heiss is dedicated to helping people become self-aware and overcome their instinctual limitations – the ancient, often subconscious fears that hold individuals back from their optimal performance and happiest lives.

Her research has been designated “transformative” by the National Science Foundation, and it is waking up audiences around the world.

As an author of the newly acclaimed book Instinct, founder and CEO of the leadership 360-review mobile application, Icueity, and highly sought-after professional speaker, Rebecca has found her calling in helping others recognize the power of biological applications in their lives.

Rebecca lives in South Carolina with her dogs, Guinness & Murphy, and every day she tries to live her life motto: “Spread happy.”

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Lu Ngo, Dr. Rebecca Heiss defined happiness as the ability to be your authentic self, feel accepted by yourself and your community, and stay present in the moment. It is also looking back with nostalgia and forward with excitement.

However, Rebecca said that many people mistakenly believe that happiness is something external to them and try to chase it by achieving certain goals, leading to the hedonic treadmill where the goal always seems to shift.

Rebecca emphasized that happiness is an internal state of mind that requires introspection and self-awareness. Rather than being achieved through external factors or hard work alone, happiness is a subjective experience that can be attained by looking within ourselves.

Meanwhile, on managing stress and fear, Rebecca suggested a three-step approach to manage fear and stress better; When experiencing a stressful situation characterized by heart palpitations, sweating, fear, and worry, the first step is acknowledging it. The second step involves taking a deep breath, and the last step is to apply curiosity.

Finally, Rebecca held an insightful discussion about how the fear of the other is an instinctual response that stems from the ancestral environment, where people outside of the tribe were considered a threat to resources and survival.

However, this instinct can lead to subconscious prejudices and biases that keep individuals apart and hinder their ability to form meaningful relationships.

In conclusion

Fear and happiness are inseparable threads that weave through your lives in the grand tapestry of being human. It’s only natural for fear to arise in the face of uncertainties and obstacles, but you mustn’t allow it to snuff out the flame of your happiness.

To truly embrace joy, people must confront their fears head-on and open themselves up to the beauty of diversity. Authentic happiness resides deep within; you can uncover it through self-reflection, understanding, and the courage to challenge your fears.

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