Dr. Peter Nagy: Preserving Professional Identities – Enhancing Well-being Online | Doing Well #35

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Dr. Peter Nagy, a distinguished lecturer in Success by Design at Arizona State University

Balancing the need to present yourself professionally online with the risks to your well-being is challenging. Together with Dr. Peter Nagy, this episode delves into the complexities of managing your digital persona and explores how online interactions can impact your overall well-being. 

Meet Dr. Peter Nagy

Dr. Peter Nagy is a media researcher with a doctoral degree in management. He currently lectures at Arizona State University. Originally from Hungary, he switched from studying psychology to focusing on marketing and digital media. Dr. Peter’s research centers on how people interact with technology, especially on social media and professional networking sites. Previously, he worked as a psychologist in a high school and as a research fellow at Central European University’s Center for Data, Media, and Society in Budapest, Hungary. 

Beyond academia, Dr. Peter enjoys reading Anne Carson’s The Autobiography of Red and watching films like the Cohen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis. He’s an avid listener of Dr. Raquel Martin’s Mind Your Mental Health podcast. As for role models, Dr. Nagy looks up to Timnit Gebru, an Ethiopian-American AI researcher known for her ethical contributions.

About the episode

In this fascinating podcast with Dr. Peter Nagy, he describes well-being as feeling good and doing well and how it connects to your online professional identity. He further explains that well-being isn’t just about being happy; it’s also about how others see you and how you deal with life’s challenges.

As he digs deeper into the talk, Dr. Peter clears up some common misunderstandings about well-being. He says it’s about being mentally and physically healthy and feeling good about yourself and your life. He also talks about how important it is to manage how you present yourself online professionally, as it affects your well-being.

Dr. Peter also discusses the benefits of having a strong online presence. He says the internet lets you connect with people no matter where they are and gives you the freedom to control how you present yourself online. However, he warns against spending too much time online and ensuring you still connect with people in real life.

Dr. Peter has some practical tips for managing your online professional identity. He suggests setting limits on how much time you spend online, managing your notifications so you’re not constantly distracted, and being transparent about when you’re working and not. He also reminds you to be careful about how much personal information you share online.

In conclusion

Developing your digital professional identity can benefit you professionally as long as it does not damage your well-being. Instead, make it an opportunity to improve your well-being. Therefore, Dr. Peter’s insights remind you to be mindful of how you use the internet and how it affects your well-being. By understanding these things better, you can use technology to improve your life while staying balanced and healthy.

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