Dr. Paul Napper: The Autonomy Mindset – Taking Control for a Stronger Self | Doing Well #38

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Paul Napper, who provides consultation and coaching to business leaders to help them sharpen and strengthen their leadership efforts

In this episode, Lu Ngo and Paul Napper tackle the concepts of well-being, autonomy, and agency, aiming to address the problem of hindrances that diminish individuals’ ability to exercise their agency and pursue the kind of life they desire. Listeners to this podcast can expect to gain insights into achieving a state of balance, accessing personal power, and making informed choices to enhance their well-being and navigate obstacles effectively.

Meet Paul Napper 

Dr. Paul Napper provides consultation and coaching to business leaders to help them sharpen and strengthen their leadership efforts. His professional background includes extensive experience in assessment and applying psychological principles to improve the performance of individuals and organizations. His client list includes Fortune 500 companies, universities, start-ups, and nonprofits. 

Dr. Napper launched his career as a Wall Street analyst, first with J.P. Morgan Investment Management in New York and then with Crowell, Weedon, and Company in Los Angeles. As a securities analyst, he was responsible for following several major industries, including banking, insurance, and media. 

He subsequently launched the management psychology practice Performance Psychology Consulting with two partners in 1998, where he advises a wide array of organizations and industries. 

Dr. Napper earned his undergraduate degree in international relations at the University of Pennsylvania and pursued his master’s degree in the same field at the University of Chicago. He received his doctorate from William James College, one of the nation’s preeminent colleges of applied professional psychology. 

He completed an advanced psychological testing and assessment fellowship during a three-year academic appointment at Harvard Medical School. He authored a book on psychological agency and the realization of human potential published by St. Martin’s Press in 2019.

About the episode

In this episode, Paul discusses the concept of well-being as the ability to exercise agency and make positive progress in life. He emphasizes the importance of balance and access to personal power for overall well-being. He also tackles misconceptions that associate well-being with constant happiness or material wealth. 

Paul also explores autonomy and agency, defining autonomy as independence and self-reliance, while agency involves collaboration and making informed choices. He highlights the need to balance autonomy and social interaction, acknowledging the learning journey and the significance of a support system in promoting personal growth and control over one’s life.

In conclusion

In this episode, listeners will learn about understanding well-being, which involves making positive progress in life, balancing autonomy and collaboration in exercising agency, and the significance of a support system for personal growth. Moreover, listeners are reminded that well-being is not solely about perpetual happiness or material wealth but rather about feeling in control of one’s life and engaging in a learning journey.

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