Dr. Mark Williams: Intelligence and Personality | Self-improvement Atlas #7

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Dr. Mark Williams, a professor of cognitive neuroscience with over 25 years of experience conducting behavioral and brain imaging research.

Are you wondering how you should train yourself to be intelligent and improve brain performance and personal development? In this episode, Dr. Mark Williams shared some practices and habits to train intelligence and adaptability.

Meet Mark Williams

Dr. Mark Williams is a professor of cognitive neuroscience with over 25 years of experience conducting behavioral and brain imaging research. He has published over 70 articles in high-impact international journals and co-edited a book for Frontiers. 

Also, he is an editorial board member of several international journals, has been awarded numerous high-profile fellowships and grants, and has worked at MIT in the USA and multiple universities in Australia. His work has been highlighted in the media internationally, including The Guardian, The New York Times, and The Economist, and he is currently involved in several popular science documentaries. 

Mark now works with organizations to improve productivity, innovation, and mental health. His first general-interest book will be released in 2023, The Connected Species.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Aditi Kutty, Mark explained that intelligence is somebody who’s adaptable and can adapt to the environment—how adaptable you can be in the environment that you are living in. He also shared some habits to train intelligence or adaptability, including socializing with people, writing notes in actual notes to retain information, and reading books or novels.

He also advised not to read or write on the screen because you can get so much more out of the paper, including the actual feel and smell of the paper. Other practices Dr. Mark employs in his daily life are getting up at 6 a.m., having one glass of water and filling it up again while making coffee, drinking coffee, having a notepad, and having things written, like journaling. These helped him improve his intelligence.

In conclusion

If you want to improve your intelligence along with your personal development, you should develop healthy habits. By doing so, it will help you accomplish your goals and flourish in your life and at work.

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