Dr. Jodi Richardson: Learn Ways to Live Well With Anxiety | Bouncing Back #14

In this episode, host Tia Harmer is joined by Dr. Jodi Richardson, one of Australia's leading lights in managing anxiety, an educational leader, and best-selling author

Living with anxiety can be a tough journey, causing worry, unease, and a constant state of nervousness that can disrupt everyday life. But remember, you are not alone, and there are effective strategies for managing and conquering anxiety.

Meet Dr. Jodi Richardson

Dr. Jodi Richardson is one of Australia’s leading lights in managing anxiety. An educational leader, Dr. Jodi Richardson supports parents and teachers to change their relationship with anxiety, dial it right down and light the way for their children and students to do the same.

Dr. Jodi is a professional speaker supporting whole school communities around Australia, the best-selling author of the books “Anxious Kids” and “Anxious Mums,” who hosts the popular podcast “Well, Hello Anxiety,” and is a mum of two.

About the episode

In this captivating podcast episode hosted by Tia Harmer, Dr. Jodi Richardson delves into the ways to cope with anxiety. According to Dr. Jodi, personal resilience involves navigating through hardships and embracing them as part of life. It’s about showing kindness and compassion to yourself during difficult times and recognizing that these challenges are normal. 

Dr. Jodi underscores three elements of resilience: skill development, seeking support, and reflecting on experiences. Resilience isn’t about being immune to stress but having coping strategies to bounce back from challenges.

She links anxiety disorders to genetic predisposition, traumatic experiences like abuse or loss, and environmental factors such as chronic stress or high-pressure living situations.

Dr. Jodi sees no age limit for developing anxiety. While some individuals may have experienced anxiety since childhood, others may develop it later in life due to various factors or specific life events. 

Throughout the episode, Dr. Jodi asserts that the complete elimination of anxiety is not possible, but anxiety disorders can be treated. Medication, counseling, recognizing triggers, and having a combination of coping mechanisms can help people manage their anxiety symptoms in everyday life. 

During the episode, Dr. Jodi thoroughly discusses how many people turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism due to its instant relaxing effects. She emphasizes how alcohol is actually a depressant, where it releases short-lasting dopamine that wears off quickly.

Dr. Jodi advises people who have already turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism to consider healthier non-alcoholic alternatives and drink alcohol moderately or occasionally. Although alcohol is usually an easy and legal outlet, it is important to consider the cost of this coping mechanism.

Before moving on to audience questions and an open mic, Dr. Jodi emphasizes the importance of exercise for overcoming anxiety, where it positively affects brain chemistry and enhances neurotransmitters, leaving you feeling hyped and promoting personal resilience through constant exposure to physical discomfort. She asserts how exercise enhances social relationships where you can get out of your comfort zone and get to know more people. 

In conclusion

Anxiety is not tied to an age limit and can arise at any point in life due to numerous factors. Anxiety disorders can be treated through medication, counseling, recognizing triggers, and a combination of coping mechanisms. Healthier non-alcoholic alternatives, moderate alcohol consumption, and regular exercise are essential for overcoming anxiety.

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