Dr. Daisung Jang: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace — Boosting Your Happiness | Sero Boost #53

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Dr. Daisung Jang, a renowned researcher on negotiation dynamics, individual differences, and the influence of emotions in professional settings

This episode talks about why it’s important to understand what people are feeling at work, including yourself. Listen closely, and you’re sure to find ways to feel more satisfied with your days at the office and be your best self even when things get busy or stressful.

Meet Dr. Daisung Jang

Dr. Daisung Jang has dedicated his career to learning all about how people communicate and get along. As a researcher, he spends his time studying the complicated ways others understand each other, both what is said and how they feel deep down. By digging into the tiny details of things like negotiations, emotions, and how each person is unique, he hopes to understand what really makes conversations and relationships work well.

Dr. Daisung knows that improving interactions, even in little ways, is important for getting things done as teams. His hard work untangling the human side of how folks connect every day can benefit anyone trying to have smoother talks and build strong bonds with others.

About the episode

In this episode of Sero Boost, Dr. Daisung Jang is looking at how being smart with feelings can improve how people get along at their jobs. He explains why “how happy you feel” depends on several things that add up to how pleased you are with everything in life. 

Dr. Daisung also talks about the connections between understanding emotions and happiness. He thinks paying attention to what you and others are feeling, both good and bad, can lead to feeling gladder about your work. 

He shares his knowledge about how being smart with feelings affects talks between coworkers. He discusses how to keep conversations open and looking for a win-win for all. Managing emotions comes up a lot, too, since small frustrations can blow up if people aren’t careful. Some strategies he recommends are seeing issues from others’ point of view and winding down tensions before they go too far. 

He also touches on leadership, emphasizing the importance of listening skills and compassion when managing teams. As work becomes more complicated, Dr. Daisung says emotional intelligence is key for bosses to navigate challenges and keep the whole office in good spirits. Whether guiding important conversations or overseeing departments, his advice can help individuals and companies maximize people’s talents.

He also offers practical tips for individuals and remote teams to enhance emotional intelligence and foster better workplace relationships. He says why not hop on a video call once in a while just to say hi, like hanging out by the water cooler? Getting to know each other as people helps a whole lot.

In conclusion

In this episode, Dr. Daisung dives into how vital emotional skills are even when teams work far apart. With real stories and suggestions, he shows how curiosity, feedback, and understanding each other’s feelings are all keys to connecting despite distances. Whether messaging, calling, or video chatting, he stresses how you say things matters much more than what you say when you’re remote. As Dr. Daisung wraps up, it’s clear this is no time to leave emotions on the backburner—emotional intelligence is a priority for both people and companies to thrive in the growing world of remote jobs.

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