Dr. Cortney Warren, Ph.D., ABPP: Self-Honesty: One Step Towards Self-Acceptance | Doing Well #7

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Dr. Cortney S. Warren, a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist based in the United States.

Some people feel that hiding their emotions is the best way to deal with their problems. However, being honest with yourself is the first step to improving your mental health and achieving happiness.

Meet Dr. Cortney S. Warren

Dr. Cortney S. Warren is a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist and former tenured Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Having won numerous professional awards for her research, she is an expert on addictions, self-deception, romantic relationships, eating pathology, and the practice of psychotherapy from a cross-cultural perspective. 

In addition to her academic work, Cortney is passionate about bringing psychological tools to the public and writes a blog for Psychology Today. She earned her doctorate from Texas A&M University after completing a clinical internship at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School in 2006.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Lu Ngo, Cortney defined well-being as a sense of spiritual, physical, and emotional health—it exists in the world from a holistic, healthy place, and that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to have hardships or pain, but it means that you’re healthy enough that you can get through it. 

She also compared self-honesty and self-deception. According to Cortney, self-honesty is being able to tolerate the truth as objectively and as humanly possible and sitting with it, while self-deception is the opposite of self-honesty; it’s usually characterized either by refusing to believe something true that you just absolutely cannot handle, so you will create an alternative reality that you can’t handle, or believing something that’s objectively false. 

In conclusion

To have self-acceptance, you must be honest with yourself first. The more honest you are, the easier you can tell the truth. You will also be able to recover from your setbacks since you allow yourself to evolve. Also, self-acceptance is a fundamental appreciation for who you are and your values as a person.

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